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Masaki Okuten "Cut Back"

July 6 - 21, 202413:00 - 20:00 (Mon. Tue. Wed. closed)

In painting, process means layering, and when the viewer carefully observes the layered layers of the work, he or she is reliving the artist's minimalist, step-by-step process of applying the paint. The layers are inscribed with the time I have spent with the work, and I am wondering if I can incorporate the reversible and irreversible into the final appearance of the work. Layering and removing, plus and minus, allow the viewer to move back and forth between the time frames of the process on the screen. Why did you put this color here? How does this shape fit into the picture? However, I am sure that only what is truly necessary and what I want to be there remains after subtracting and subtracting from the many interactions on the screen. The impression of a work changes from day to day depending on the viewer, and as I unravel the work, I notice new things, and my perception of the work continues to grow as I chew on it." Masaki Okuten

Cutback is a film direction technique. It is a montage technique that alternately cuts back and forth between what is happening in two or more places . In cutback, scene A and scene B are connected in relation to time and then cut back to the beginning.


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